Still Swiping....

I'm not afraid to admit I still dabble in the online dating world -- anyone who knows me knows I love a good blind date. I thought the craziness had died down a little (I deleted all forms of it), but Tinder -- which seems to have made a resurgence of late -- or Hinge...I'm up for it. 

And so is everyone else. Traders. Ad execs. Consultants. Bankers -- the unsuspecting, you might say. Are the ties, funky socks that are a favorite of hip twenty-somethings, business casual and the god forbidden kitten heels hiding a hankering for a relationship? 

 I used to think online dating was kind of for losers...then I remembered I do it and I might be a little biased, but I don't consider myself a loser. Neither are the other millions of people who do it as well, even though we judge those five pictures on Tinder or your mutual friends on Hinge harder than someone on Dancing with the Stars.

Some people use the platform in the right way (I've gone on a handful of fantastic dates. I'm also still single...) and others really make you question if there are actually good, normal people left (see picture). I feel like I've hit it off a few times here or there with someone and it just peters out...after a week, a month, whatever have you. Make plans, cancel plans, "reschedule"'s so easy to toss aside a match because, sh!t, there are 576 other people within a 5 mile radius of 60610 that are waiting to be swiped right (Mom, that means you are interested in them. Swiping left means you are not). 
I hate to be a pessimist on this now age-old topic, but how are relationships supposed to start, let alone last, when there are so many outlets to meet other people? I've heard time and time again if someone wants to make it work, they will. If they want to see you, they will. I get that. But there are also so many other tempting options, why spend too much time on one person? Why get too invested when you might get a better match tomorrow? Or, like in past cases, you can't get too involved if you have a super serious girlfriend (shocker!)....reel us in and spit us out, Chicago.

Still swiping Old Town,